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The unwritten law...


99c pizza.  New York has great pizza, probably the best in the USA.  Any New Yorker will tell you paying more than 99c for a slice of pizza is an outrage.  Yes, there are a few places that warrant a more expensive slice, but for the most part, stick to the 99c slice, because its so good.

What they didnt tell you...



Dumbo.  Yes, Dumbo.  Not the elephant though, this dumbo is shoort for 'Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass'.  The picture on the right is the Manhattan bridge and this is one of the most famous sights, yet few people know where it is.  Dumbo is located in Brooklyn and is suprisingly quiet, a perfect break from the bustling streets of Manhattan.

Encapsulating the country's famous traditions, , an XL Sports tour of England centers on the sporting hubs of London and the Northwest.  St George’s Park provides a truly inspiring insight into the work of an international soccer player, while the city of London has some magnificent landmarks.  Whether you want to soak up the atmosphere at Old Trafford, or stroll towards Buckingham Palace, we tailor your tour for the perfect fit. 

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