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When registering for a big international trip, many questions and concerns can arise. That is why we have created this FAQ sheet for you to reference. As always, if there is something that you do not see on the list, please email us at or call the US Headquarters at 781-210-7896.





1) How do I register for a tour?

If you have never been on a tour with XL you will need to register for the trip through out simple online system. Please follow the directions below:

          a) Visit our website by clicking here

          b) Choose the 1st option which states "this is my first time registering with XL Tours"

         c) Fill out all field and select your program when it prompts you to do so!


2) After I register and pay what happens?

After you register and pay your initial deposit, the planning begins. XL will immediately begin to request hotels, game tickets, sightseeing tours, and flights to ensure the best options and the best price. Your email address will be added to our tour database, and you will receive periodic emails regarding your trip!


3) Do I need to register a young child or are they free?

Everyone regardless of age needs to be registered in the system. This not only allows us to know who is traveling, but it allows us to keep track of whose on the trip. If you are traveling with a child under 5 years of age, XL can offer a prorated package. Please contact your account manager for more details on specific pricing.


4) Can I register for part of the tour and not the full thing?

Generally we don't offer partial packages, however on occassion our UK team can put together a prorated package for you. Please email for more details. 




1) I can't log into my personal account to make a payment, what do I do?

If you're having trouble logging in to make a payment, first make sure youre on the correct log in screen. Each traveler will have a team log in which is used to access TEAM documents such as itinerary, payment schedules, etc. And each traveler will have a personal username and password which is used to access their personal account. The username will be the email address you used to register and the 6 digit code you were given after registration. If you still have issues please call us at 781-210-7896 and we would be happy to help. 


2) Do I have to choose to add insurance when I register or can I wait?

Insurance can be added up to 2 weeks before you depart for your trip, so please feel free to look into your insurance coverage and see what will be best for you! When youre ready to add insurance simply email and she will add it to your account.


3) Is there a fee for paying for my trip online with a credit card?

Yes, if you wish to use a credit card to pay for your trip, there is a 3% credit card fee on all transactions except the initial deposit. This fee can easily be avoided by sending a check in the mail prior to your payment date!


4) Where do I send a check?

If you wish to pay by check please make it payable to XL Travel and send it to: 825 Courtland St. Orlando, FL 32804.


5) Where I find my payment dates?

By logging into your team tour page and entering your team's password you can access the payment schedule.





1) Do we have to fly on the flights XL provide?

Absolutely not. Generally teams will try and travel together on our flights, however on occasion people will book the GROUND ONLY option (or no flight option). This means they are responsible for getting themselves to the destination and arranging with the UK office how your traveler will meet the group. Usually people who chose ground only have some sort of airline credit, or are deviating from the flight plans to extend their trip in some way!


2) What is the deadline to switch packages if I decide to?

Airline contracts have strict stipulations and drop/cancelled seat penalties will be acquired if you choose to change after the date given by the airline. Please contact for an exact deadline for your group. 


3) Who is responsible for getting me to the airport?

XL is NOT responsible for getting you to the airport your team chooses to fly out of. Of course when you land at your destination your XL guides will be there to collect the group who traveled on the full package, however if you chose ground only you are responsible for transportation arrangements by emailing


4) How do you determine the price of the flight?

This varies per group. Once an agreement has been made on dates, and we have enough travelers for a group flight (10+), XL will begin searching for flights. Once a contract is confirmed we will provide the estimated price based on the contracted date, and the exact cost will be determined at ticketing. Final ticket price will be emailed out 30-45 days before departure and is generally VERY close to the price originally quoted. 


5) How do I get my flight ticket?

When you register for a full package and complete payment XL will post your e-tickets on your team page 2-5 weeks before departure. A printed copy of the e-ticket and your passport are required at check in when arriving at the airport. There will be no online check-in required or paper tickets. 


6) Can I use air miles or upgrade my ticket?

Yes, opting for a ground only package and booking your flight separately is the best option for this. 


7) Can I still earn frequent flier miles on group travel?

Yes, once you have your e-ticket or at check in you may add your frequent flyer number to early points for your flight with an airline representative. 





1) Do I need Insurance to travel abroad?

Travel insurance is optional for traveling abroad on an XL Sports Tour. Many International Tournaments and schools require international health insurance for all players participating in an organized tournament. Please check with your insurance provider to see if they cover you whilst overseas. 


2) How much does your insurance cost?

Team Tour Players Insurance (includes sports rider) - $115.2

Team Tour Supporter Insurance -$95.2

Fan Package Insurance - $75.2

*If you're older than 59 years of age please contact XL for pricing. 


3) Is cancellation Insurance included?

No, XL Travel does not offer cancellation coverage. Many insurance programs offer travel insurance with an option for a cancellation rider/Add-on. It would be recommended to find a policy that would meet your expectations if you were to cancel due to unforseen circumstances.





1) Does XL offer fundraising opportunities?

Yes, we offer our raffle ticket program which is a great way for you and your club to raise money for your trip. Click here for more information.


2) How do I get the raffle tickets?

Once your team commits to the trip and you have paid your deposit, simply email Brittney at and request the tickets. 


3) When does the drawing take place?

The drawing is always based around Halloween and the winner will be contacted and announced on our Facebook page. Please make sure your tickets are sent to us at the beginning of October so you don't miss out on the current years drawing!


4) What do I do with the money?

Simply deposit it into your personal bank account and make your next payment. 



***If you don't see the answer to your questions on this page please email






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