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Immerse yourself in centuries of design, culture and sport.  Witness iconic stadia, such as the Stadio Olympico and the San Siro, and see them come alive with passionate fans. Discover how Rome’s stunning architecture frames its vibrant social scene.  It’s always fashion week in Milan, where history is met with a modern touch.  During summer, admire the shimmering water and exquisite landscape at Lake Como.  With XL Sports, Italy can be truly explored.

- Ray Leone,

Harvard University Women’s Soccer Coach

XL Travel toured our team through northern Italy and the cities of Milan, Lake Como, Florence, Venice and even the Independent Republic of San Marino. They did a magnificent job of making sure the levels of our games were challenging and the experience of each city was memorable and fulfilling. My greatest compliment is that XL did more than expected and I highly recommend XL travel to anyone thinking of taking their team abroad



We like to give you a taste of what is possible on our tours.  Below is an itinerary that previous customers have started with, then got creative and customized it to exactly what they need.  Feel free to do the same, customization comes as standard.

Italy Highlights


This isn't our a first time planning a tour, we've been doing it since 2002, so have a look at some of our highlights and the places we have visited on our previous tours.


Something you really want to see? Somewhere you really want to visit?


Customization comes as standard. We will tailor your trip around you.

"Italy has changed, but Rome is Rome"
- Robert De Niro (Actor)
When in Rome... as the Romans do. No visit to Rome is complete without a tour of the famous colosseum. One of the Romans' greatest engineering feats - building the world's largest amphitheater in the world!

Cross borders...



Literally and figuratively as you visit the home of the Catholic Church. Embark on a spiritual journey or marvel at the architecture of St Peter's Basilica as you leave Italy entirely for the Vatican- the smallest country in the world!

If you want something special...


One of the world's oldest malls, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is the perfect place to pick up a souvenir worth savouring for a lifetime.  

The famous fountains...


The largest Baroque Fountain in Rome, the Trevi Fountain is probably the most famous in the world. Taking inspiration from the Sea with Neptune as the center piece this fountain is famous the world over and has appeared in countless movies. 

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