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With a rich history in art, science and sport, a combined tour of Germany and the Netherlands is extremely popular.  Experience the electric atmosphere at a Borussia Dortmund soccer match while embracing traditional rustic food.  Admire Berlin's colossal Brandenburg Gate and the mesmerizing Cologne Cathedral.  In the Netherlands, enjoy a world-renowned beer and appreciate the "total soccer" philosophy in action.  For a unique cultural experience, punctuated with immense sporting background, choose an XL Sports tour of Germany and the Netherlands.

- Kevin Boyd,

Arizona State University Women’s Soccer Coach

Our trip to Germany and the Czech Republic was a once in a lifetime trip for our team. Thank god for the help and planning of everyone at XL Travel. It was an incredible experience! I would recommend XL Travel to anyone looking to take a team abroad. If I ever get the opportunity to go abroad again, I will be calling Ciaran.





We like to give you a taste of what is possible on our tours.  Below is an itinerary that previous customers have started with, then got creative and customized to exactly what they want.  Feel free to do the same, customization comes as standard.

Germany/Netherlands Highlights


This isn't our a first time planning a tour, we've been doing this since 2002, so have a look at some of our highlights and the places we have visited on our previous tours.


Something that you really want to see or visit? 


Customization comes as standard. We will tailor your trip around you.

"Football is simple, but the hardest thing to do is to play football simple"
- Johan Cruyff
River cruise



Cruise along the Rhine River taking in the sites before stopping at the Old Town to browse one of the famed German markets to fill up with some German delicacies such as schnitzel, apfelstrudel or bratwursts. Then take a trip to the top of Cologne cathedral which will provide panoramic views of the beautiful city.

See the city...


Explore the wonderful city of Amsterdam with all its quirks and idiosyncrasies. It is one of the most unique cities in Europe with its canals, its history and laidback approach to certain subjects that make for an interesting tour. Start at the Ann Frank house and take a guided tour which will stop at numerous landmarks including the Royal Palace.

German castles...


Explore Burg Eltz, a medieval castle, nestled in the green hills of eastern Germany. Owned by 33 generations of the Eltz family this castle has survived through the ages and is one of only 3 castles in Rhineland that have not been destroyed.

The Amsterdam Arena


Take a guided tour of the Amsterdam Arena, a mightily impressive venue that is home to one of the pioneers of youth soccer, Ajax. This stadium has played host to some of the biggest soccer matches in the world plus some of the biggest names in music. A truly unique stadium- how many stadiums do you know that have a highway running right through the centre of them!

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