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Booking Policies



Please see below for information regarding our booking policies. Here you can find everything from cancellation policies, pricing, booking information, and much more! As always, if you are unsure of any of our policies and require more information please feel free to reach out to us by emailing or calling our US Headquarters at 781-210-7896.



a) All registrations are made with XL Travel Ltd. only, and may come under the banner of XL Sports Tours, XL Soccer Tours or XL Sports World.

b) No contract exists until XL Travel [The Company] receives and acknowledges in writing a signed registration form with first installment of payment.  This acknowledgement may be via email.

c) A contract stating that the payee will only travel with XL Travel exists after the payment of the initial deposit.

d) The registration form may be completed electronically and is binding.




a) The schedule of payments for Team Tours will be agreed upon in advance and set out on the My Team Page.  This will also be communicated to the group leader by email. 

b) The initial payment (deposit) must be paid to the company at the time of registration at least six months before date of departure.

c) Further installments may be accepted based upon the agreed schedule.

d) Balances must be settled no later than 28 days prior to the departure date.




a) All payments must be received on or before the deadline for each installment.

XL Travel reserves the right to impose surcharges in respect to cost increases related to fuel, or U.S. or foreign government action.

b) All costs are calculated using the exchange rate at the time of the initial tour request. XL Travel reserves the right to adjust the final fees at any time before the date of departure if there is an increase in the exchange rate. Any necessary increase will be calculated at the paying of the final balance.

c) If any of the deadlines for payment are missed a finance charge may be applied or cancel the booking without any liability.

d) Overpayments on the account may not be refunded.

e) Any individuals wishing to travel on a different itinerary from the original group may be charged a $100 administration fee.

f) Credit card payments are subject to a 3% convenience fee, with the exception of the first payment.




a) All cancellations must be made using the official cancellation form by mail to the USA office listed above.

b) All payments are non-refundable, credits may be issued for future travel

c) There will be a standard administration charge on all refunds.

d) Cancellations made later than 120 days prior to departure are subject to the following scale of charges payable by the customer:

120 to 85 days prior to departure: 20% of the total involved price.

84 to 30 days prior to departure: 80% of the total involved price.

From 30 days prior to departure: 100% of the total price.    




All airline tickets are subject to a variety of foreign and domestic government taxes which include security charges, the September 11th Security Fee, airport facility charges, customs and immigration fees, inspection fees, fuel surcharge and more. With group ticketing the taxes are calculated by the airline and paid at ticketing, approximately 4-6 weeks prior to travel.  The total of these taxes may vary and are collected by The Company at the time of ticketing. To issue Airline tickets prior to 45 Days, XL Travel requires full payment on the booking and flight payments are non refundable once ticketed. 




The company reserves the right to cancel your trip. In the unlikely event of the company doing so, you will be issued either a refund or an alternative trip.




a) The Company has taken all reasonable precautions to ensure that the suppliers used are safe, reliable, efficient, well respected and checked thoroughly. They all maintain the highest standards and operate within the law and regulations of the country in which they operate.

b) The availability of some of the facilities is dependent upon local weather conditions and cannot be totally guaranteed. XL Travel cannot take responsibility for these weather conditions whether for closure due to maintenance and repair or public holidays and festivals. However the company will take all appropriate action to organize alternative facilities of similar standard and notify the customer in as much time beforehand as possible. If The Company is aware of any facilities being unavailable we will endeavor to modify our advertising accordingly.




a) All travelers will be accommodated in a double, twin or triple room. Adults may request a single room at an additional charge (single supplement). All single supplement requests must be received 90 days before departure and a single room shall be allocated only if available. If there are no single rooms available the single supplement can be refunded at any time with the person in question sharing or alternative arrangements made.




a) Any complaints are to be addressed directly to XL Travel. The Company will then do its utmost to rectify these problems. Any complaints sent to a sponsor, partner, or associate of the company are not valid.

b) Any complaints during the tour should be directed towards the official XL Travel tour representative who will accompany the traveling group at all times. They will then do their very best fix the problem as soon as possible

c) Complaints after the tour has finished should be addressed to a company Director and mailed to The Company U.K. head office.




a) It is the traveler’s responsibility to have all necessary travel documents including a valid passport and VISA.




a) XL Travel reserves the right to make any changes in fees, itinerary, hotels, activities, games, training sessions and flight departure and arrival locations. Such changes are not grounds for cancellation of the trip with refund.

b) XL Travel reserves the right to cancel a trip due to insufficient enrollment. All trips are to involve a minimum of 20 paying travelers. If the group size falls below 20 paying travelers the group may be subject to an additional charge to cover transportation fees.

c) XL Travel may use any statements, comments, photographs, or photographic likenesses from the trip for future advertising and promotional material. We must receive any objections to this from individuals before the trip departs.

d) It is the responsibility of each individual traveler to obtain their own personal medical and travel insurance for the trip. For the convenience of the customers XL Travel has made details of packages offered by insurance companies on their website The Company cannot be held liable for any failure or incompetence shown by these companies and would direct each traveler to read their insurance policy carefully.


12. LAWS


a) This agreement is subject to the laws and jurisdiction of the United Kingdom. 

b) All travelers are to obey the laws of the land in which they are traveling. Anyone found to be breaking these laws will be reported to the local authorities.


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